Custom Framing
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

At Schmidt’s Custom Framing we understand the frame should enhance the art it displays and protects. We bring our dedication to detail and more than 30 years of experience to every piece we frame, whether it’s museum quality or a child’s beloved classroom project.

We service Jackson Hole, one of the country’s most vibrant art communities. Our custom frames hang in museums as well as private collections. We offer custom framing options in a diverse range of styles and at a variety of price points.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Custom Framing Services

Custom gold leaf frames give art a regal finishing touch, conservation framing protects delicate works of art, and you can frame almost anything with a shadowbox.  Custom framing allows for endless creativity in displaying your treasures, while securing the items and protecting them for years to come.


Custom Gold Leaf Framing

Custom gold leaf frames give art a regal finishing touch. These frames often surround priceless works of art hanging in museums or in the homes of people who love and appreciate beautiful frames.

Conservation Framing

Conservation framing protects delicate works of art from its surroundings and natural aging. While the art is left secure, it is also can be removed from the frame without causing damage.

Shadowbox Framing

You can frame almost anything with a shadow box. A shadow box allows you to preserve memorabilia and tell a story. Shadowbox framing is great for grouping items together and creating a dramatic look.


We collaborate with clients to create frames that enhance and properly showcase art. We can create a frame for anything you want to hang.

At Schmidt's Custom Framing

Appreciation of art

We’ve worked in the art world and closely with artists as well as collectors. We understand that a good frame enhances a treasured piece of art.


We’ve been in the framing business for more than 30 years. Our work hangs in museums, businesses and private homes.


We’ve perfected our framing techniques to frame everything from museum-quality paintings to custom mirrors to three-dimensional family heirlooms.

Attention to Detail

We take pride in every frame we sell, whether it’s protecting a priceless painting for a museum, or designed to display a child’s art project. We take every project seriously and are meticulous in our framing processes.