At Schmidt’s Custom Framing

We believe art is what makes life worthwhile. But if you go to a museum with us, we’ll probably spend most of the time admiring the frames and studying how they were made. A good frame should enhance and showcase a piece of art, without stealing the spotlight. It should protect the art, allowing it to last for generations. To us, custom framing is its own art form, one we’ve practiced for more than 30 years.

Our History

Mary and Harvey Schmidt opened Schmidt’s Custom Framing in Jackson in 1987. Harvey had three years framing experience when the couple decided to leave Billings, Montana, to open a frame shop in Jackson. Jackson allowed them to stay in the West where they could pursue their hobbies like hiking and rock climbing, while servicing one of the country’s top art markets.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson is filled with wonderful art galleries and museums. It has a vibrant and active art community which hosts several art events and fairs throughout the year, such as the Jackson Hole Art Auction, one of the premier art auctions in the United States.

Meet Harvey

Harvey has always been an artist and craftsman. He developed his artistic abilities while working in the sign industry where he refined his wood working skills and creative thinking. He started framing his own photographs which led to creating frames for artist Penni Anne Cross. His background gave him an understanding of how to construct frames and how different materials work together to support and protect objects. It also honed his eye for good design and the ability to take an idea and bring it to life.

Meet Mary

Mary Schmidt has always loved and appreciated art, taking every class in the subject she could while in school. She worked for artist Penni Anne Cross helping develop her limited edition print market and eventually managing her print production business. When Harvey broke his hand, Mary stepped in to help him finish his framing projects. It proved an easy transition and Mary has been framing ever since.

30 Years Experience

In 1991 Harvey Schmidt earned the designation of Certified Picture Framer by demonstrating his framing abilities and knowledge. The CPF program was developed in 1987 by the Professional Picture Framers Association in conjunction with Educational Testing Services to provide professional recognition to individuals successfully completing the established criteria. Harvey is also a member of the Society of Gilders, a non profit whose mission is to preserve gilding techniques and to promote the highest standards in gilding. Harvey and Mary regularly attend national trade shows, seminars and the annual Professional Picture Framers National conference to stay up-to-date on industry trends.

We Love Our Customers

Our favorite part of framing is working and fostering relationships with customers. We keep a vast sample inventory on hand and encourage people to visit us in the frame shop. We use a collaborative approach to framing, working with customers to create frames that reflect their personal taste and style, while also considering what is best for the artwork.

Our Work

Our work hangs in private collections, art galleries and museums.